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I do stand up and comedy stuff.
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10 July 14

Just launched this project I’ve been working on for a while called LieGuys. In this first episode, I along with several friends acting as my entourage, pretended to be The Weeknd and his crew, and were able to walk directly into one of his concerts. Many were fooled. 

There will be a new video every other Monday for 10 episodes total.

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28 May 14

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16 May 14


26 April 14
1 April 14

Comedic Performances in the Near Future

Mon, April 7th 9:30pm @ Barney’s Beanery in Pasedena

Thurs, April 10th: Any Given Thursday. 8pm @ Moving Arts

Sun, April 13th: French Toast Comedy. 9pm @ Taix

Friday, April 18th: Unneccesarry Evil 8pm @ Westside Comedy Theater

Mon, April 21st: An Show 8:30 @ Lot 1 - 1533 Sunset Blvd

Wed, April 23rd: 8pm @ The Lexingtion

Friday, April 25th: Peachy Keen 8pm @ Bar Lubitcsh 

Sun, April 27th: POWERVIOLENCE 9pm @ Straight Jacket Society

Mon, April 28th: Swallows Comedy Hour 8:30 @ Spitz Los Feliz

Wed, April 30: A Very Special Episode 10pm @ O’Haras Bar 

Thurs, May 1st: Comedy Palace @ 9:30 @ The Palace Restaurant

Sat, May 3rd: Penthouse Show 9pm @ 1342 N. Detroit Street

Tues, May 6th: Sleepaway Camp 9pm @ Downtown Independent

Wed, May 7th: Pints and Puns @ 8Pm @ Angel City Brewery

May 8th - 11th: Bridgetown Comedy Festival @ Downtown Portland

Mon, June 2: LOL’D SCHOOL 8pm @ Ivar Theater

Sun, June 15thThe Mary Dolan Show @ El Cid

Sat, June 21st: Brew HaHa 8pm @ 4221 Normal Ave

Sat, June 21st: Up Top @ 9:30pm @ 1342 N. Detroit Street

Wed, July 2nd: The Sleepover 8:30 @ YouTube Space

Sun, July 6th: Punchline Punchout 9pm @ Neon Venus

Tues, July 15th: Anxiety Factory 8 @ Wood & Vine

Tuesday, July 22nd: PYHT 8:30 @ UCB

7 March 14

Lemon Demon - Goosebumps

One of my favorite things on the internet.

7 February 14
RSVP Here. It’s guest list only cause the last one got way too packed

RSVP Here. It’s guest list only cause the last one got way too packed

15 January 14
Thursday January 16th
Facebook Event:

Thursday January 16th

Facebook Event:

6 January 14
Hosting this show on Saturday. 

Info Here

Gon be cray

Hosting this show on Saturday. 

Info Here

Gon be cray

19 October 13

Donald Glover was always sad.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh