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I do stand up and comedy stuff.
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2 October 14
2 September 14
25 August 14
15 August 14
Do this it’s free

Do this it’s free

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12 August 14

Danny Brown - Grown Up

7 August 14

yungjake - Look

2 August 14


Thursday, August 21st: 8:20 @ Laugh Factory 
Wednseday, Sept. 10th:  9:00 Uncle Lou’s @ Echoes Under Sunset
Monday, Sept. 15th: 10pm Fringe @ Public House
Wednesday, Sept. 17th - 8pm Not Safe For Work @ Westside
Monday, September 22nd - 8pm Hot Tub w/ Kurt and Kristin @ The Virgil
Saturday, October 18th - 8pm Baron Vaughn @ Hollywood Improv
Friday, October 24th - 8pm The Sleepover @ 721 Miguel Avenue in Venice
1 August 14

Faking a Worldstar Fight


This video was really fun to put together. 

Big thanks to Magic of Rahat, Jak Knight, Stevie Snow, Neel Nanda, and Aristotle Georgeson.

This clip that I saw in Harry Potter & The Sorcery’s stone in 2001 was the main inspiration for this video:

Here are some jokes about Harry Potter:

Next Video Drops Monday, August 4th

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10 July 14

Just launched this project I’ve been working on for a while called LieGuys. In this first episode, I along with several friends acting as my entourage, pretended to be The Weeknd and his crew, and were able to walk directly into one of his concerts. Many were fooled. 

There will be a new video every other Monday for 10 episodes total.

Subscribe and share with people if you’re into it:

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh